Who are we?

Finca Verde Colombia

Finca Verde is a company of Colombian origin, created in 2018 and that despite its youth aims to obtain through scientific research of cannabis derivatives, products that contribute to medical science for multiple benefits, control pain in patients in critical and terminal state, reduce the activity of convulsions and psychotic episodes in some patients or to combat eating disorders.

To this end, we bring together a group of doctors, technicians and professional scientists in order to create a unit dedicated to ensuring the welfare of its customers and through its sales agents advise you in an appropriate and professional way the best option that suits your needs.

A little bit of history

Finca Verde was born out of the interest of Architect Carlos Andrés Abad Spethy, leader in the United States in the implementation of solar energy projects, in making incursions and developing medicines derived from cannabis.

In Colombia the same interest was found by the anesthesiologist Oscar Fernando Mejía Villa who, through the years and his experience in medicine, decided to contribute even more to the quality of life of his patients; wanting to complement within their treatments and new scientific contributions and better palliative methods to the existing ones to control pain in people, particularly terminals.For this purpose, joined the researcher Johanna Niño, who contributed her knowledge that for more than a decade had been doing in research processes of medicinal cannabis derivatives, obtaining as a result a high quality product, effective against its palliative purposes and an accessible cost to patients who require it.

Ricardo Castrillón Reina and Germán Fernández in the economic, financial and administrative areas and with the support of lawyer Carlos Andrés Araujo Oviedo, Finca Verde has positioned itself as a unique company with high quality products that allow its purpose to improve the quality of life of people with special conditions and who require palliative treatments to become a reality thanks to the geographical and climatic conditions of the lands located in Guamo (Tolima).

Health, well-being and quality of life

We bring together a group of doctors, technicians, scientists and expert sales agents, thus creating an agile unit dedicated to safeguarding your well-being and advising you so that you can find the option that best suits your needs. Day by day we concentrate our efforts to provide more personalized and unique services in this industry.


To create and to promote medicines derived from the cannabis of high quality, with respect for the human being and the environment, thinking in the quality of worthy life that deserve our final clients and for it we worked to grow with honesty and integrity, which we used to create our products.


To be the leading company in the pharmaceutical market with cannabis derivatives, being the pioneer in medicines that allow to contribute to medical science in favor of health and to position our products in the world market at a low cost that is accessible for the population with diseases that require palliative medicines for pain control.

Our team, pioneers of the cannabis industry

The team is made up of experts from different disciplines. Pioneers in the cannabis industry in the United States, Colombia and Canada.

Finca Verde Colombia, an environmentally friendly crop

 Finca Verde seeks to take advantage of the opportunity in the Colombian market of cannabis for medicinal use; through the application of advanced cultivation technologies to efficiently produce and export CDB oils all over the world.